Unihockey Oberwallis

Our brandnew OUM App

Our latest App who made it's way to the AppStore. Developed in 2 months in coorporation with OUM (www.oum.ch).
The target was, to bring a client to the AppStore who can show you tables, news, team-infos, etc. much faster than the website
but with no need to update the data for the app AND the data for the website.
After 7 and a half week, we can say we are very lucky with the result and hope having a good unihockey-season.
But as you may know, we never stand still and improve user experience every day.
Get the OUM App now on the AppStore.



The baby, the first game. Developed and designed in 2011 and brought to the AppStore after 6 months of developement.
The game is about to avoid straps and spikes and jump over them. At the end of each level you have to jump into the basket to finish it.
In early 2012 I thought about to release a LevelPack 2 but after a month of developement I decided to go with just one LevelPack.
Check it out now! It's FREE.

Drum Time Trainer

& Drum Time Trainer HD

I developed this application, in coorporation with my drum teacher Christian Wirthner, in late 2011.
He wanted an app, where you have to tap on the display in a certain rhythm. It should help drum beginners to train their inner rhythm feeling. The complicated part was to create a stable timing-system to display the certain rhythm correctly. I implemented achievements to increase the motivation to continue the training.
Check it out now! It's FREE.




Our Competence


Our apps are written with the newest programming language Swift, so we never have to worry about the stability or performance of our apps again.


We design our apps along the newest design-guideline, they will fit on every screen size. This mechanism, named Auto-Layout, places everything to it's right position.


We use the newest iOS design, so our apps look very clean and modern. We create custom designs for special usages.


If it's a wish to implement an extra feature in our apps we do so. We give all we can to make them as awesome as they should be!


Benjamin Pfammatter
developer, designer, webmaster

Frequently asked questions

"How long does it take to develop my app?"
That depends on how complicated your app is. If you go with the Basic Package with only the basic features it's much faster release-ready as if you choose the Pro Package with much more and complicated features.
"What does my app look like?"
We prefer to use the newest iOS design form Apple, but if you don't like it we can draw a special design for you. Depending on how different it is from the newest iOS design can this cost extra.
"Where can I select a package?"
You find the infos about every package above. If you decided with witch package you want to go, contact us via e-mail. We prefer this way because we need your contact e-mail anyway later to stay in contact with you.
"Do you have a portfolio?"
Our company is very small and new in the business. We already released a game and an app in the AppStore (links and trailers above). You can check them out, they're FREE. This two games/apps were developed in 2011/early 2012. In the meantime we use a very different and improved engine to develop and we learn as we move on. We get better with every app we develop.
Do you have a question?
If yes, do not hesitate and contact us via e-mail or social-media. We check those every day and will answer as fast as possible. In the meantime check out our social-media channels and follow us ;)